Sunday, 07 September 2014

Together with the Marine Inspection Association of leading marine surveyors, Boatshed has introduced the use of IPAs when selling sail and motor boats. Boats we sell are physically inspected, assessed and reported upon by an experienced, independent, marine surveyor before they are listed. Up to 55 critical areas of a second-hand boat are assessed.

This transparent approach to selling boats has many benefits: owners have an opportunity to carry out any minor repairs before advertising their boats for sale, or to price boats reflecting their actual condition - thereby avoiding potentially long delays finding buyers, whilst buyers can have real confidence in the condition of boats with IPAs marketed for sale by Boatshed.

Whereas others brokers are, perhaps, afraid to market boats so transparently, in our experience this approach, from the very start of the sales process, makes boats on our system stand-out from the crowd, attracting well informed, serious minded buyers, which reduces, significantly, the time it takes a seller to find a buyer and a buyer to find the right boat.

By utilising Boatshed’s IPA service, a seller greatly reduces the risk of a buyer being put-off a boat after the full pre-sale condition survey has been carried out, and a buyer can avoid the wasted costs and inconvenience of travelling to view boats, which, on inspection, turnout to be a disappointment, or in poorer condition than expected.

The facts speak for themselves; in respect of most boats we sell, the first person who physically views a Boatshed boat will buy it!

For more information about IPAs, please contact Andy 01983 869 203