Making Referrals

Making a referral to Boatshed offers a substantial reward.

We make sales faster than most other brokers, because our cutting-edge technology matches up buyers and sellers rapidly and accurately. So if you make a referral to us, you have a very good chance of a sale with Boatshed.

We will track the sale for you through every step - the info comes right to your e-mail.

The owner is in good hands with boatshed, because there are no restrictions - we provide an open listing that allows the boat owner complete liberty to decline a sale or to make the sale elsewhere.

How to become a Boatshed referrer

To apply to become a Boatshed referrer, email your name and contact details to

There are two ways referrers can make money from Boatshed:

Affiliate Link

Affiliate Link

Include an affiliate link from your website to ours; if a visitor from your site goes on to sell their boat with Boatshed, we will give you 20% of the commission

refer prospective boat sellers to us

Refer Boat Seller

Refer prospective boat sellers to us; if the lead you provide goes on to sell their boat with Boatshed, you get a 20% cut of the commission.

Being a Boatshed referrer is an easy way to make money and is ideal for those already working or running a business in the marine industry.

Advantages of registering with Boatshed

Its worth registering with Boatshed anyway, because you get access to all the services the portal offers.

If you have a listing, you can have a complete vision of the entire sales process.

Create a personalised page and news portal that collects the boats' info your're looking for.

You can view unlimited and large detailed photos of the boats you're interested in, along with videos and VR. And the full photo gallery of boats is accessible to you.

Boats are sold to customers all over the UK and Europe and as far afield as Australia.

Boatshed technology will find the best-matching buyers from all these markets, but will drill down to those who have the greatest interest in the boat you are selling.

Boatshed is promoted in all the major boating and yachting magazines as well as on many major international boat search websites and boat shows.

Get in touch!

So if you're interested in recommending your friends or customers to Boatshed and making some money in return, please email us your details to